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July, 16th 2016

There were no updates on this page for a long time. I'm sorry for this, but I just do not have enough time anymore. Also I started this page because in 2000 (it really is 16 years since I started this page) it was very difficult to find information in English about X Japan. Now with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram it is so easy to follow what Yoshiki and X Japan are doing.
This page will remain online, because I still think there is some historical information like the interview translations that are interesting, and also because I still support and love X Japan.

The past years I discovered crafting, I started a blog where I sometimes post stuff and you can find me on Instagram.

April, 6th 2014

Yoshiki is going on World Tour with his classical album, here are the dates:

April 25, 2014 Costa Mesa/ USA - Segerstrom
April 28, 2014 San Fancisco / USA - Davies Hall
May 3, 2014 Mexico City / Mexico - Blackberry Auditrium
May 21, 2014 Moscow / Russia - Crocus city Hall
May 23, 2014 Berlin / Germany - Tempodrom
May 26, 2014 Paris / France Trianon
May 29, 2014 London / UK Royal Festival Hall
June 6, 2014 Shanghai / China - Oriental Arts
June 8, 2014 Beijing / China - Beijing Exhibition Center
June 10, 2014 Bangkok / Thailand - Royal Jubilee Hall
June 13, 2014 Taipei / Taiwan - NK101 Taipei
June 16, 2014 Tokyo / Japan - Metropolitan Theatre
June 17, 2014 Osaka / Japan - The Symphony

You can find links to the ticket sale pages on his website Yoshiki.net

He also did a spectacular performance where he played piano with his own hologram. You can find a short clip here on youtube.

January, 15 2013

Yoshiki composed the them for the Golden Globes. The song is now available for download in iTunes. All proceeds from sales of the single will be donated to charity.

"It's an honor to be a part of this esteemed event, which is enjoyed by hundreds of millions around the world," said Yoshiki. "Composing this music was a journey that involved creating numerous versions in order to arrive at just the right sound to capture the unique combination of glamour and edginess that makes the Golden Globe Awards so entertaining.

Yoshiki recorded the theme, which opens the show and is used at other key moments during the broadcast, in his native Japan. He played many of the instruments himself before adding a full string orchestra.

July, 18th 2011

There are sad news, Taijii passed away on July, 17th.
According to JaME he was arrested because he behaved unruly when flying to Saipan. He was arrested upon arrival.
On Thursday night , he tried to commit suicide while inside his detention cell by hanging himself with a bed sheet. He was rushed to the hospital. On July 17th, it was announced that TAIJI had passed away at the intensive care unit.

Taiji left X Japan 1992. He was part of different bands and projects, but also had personal problems. In August 2010 he joined X Japan again as a guest musician for the 2 lives in Yokohama.

Taiji, I hope you can find peace whereever you are now.


TokyoHife: X JAPAN grieves over the loss of TAIJI
Japanese article on barks
RIP - that is: Rock In Paradise! - TAIJI (Recollection of an interview with Taijii)


I was at the show in Berlin, and I wanted to post about it today but now it feels strange to write about it. It will have to wait...

June, 16th 2011

The new single Jade will be released in
North America, Europe and Latin America on Tuesday, June 28 in all digital

A "Jade" full-length ringtone will be made available exclusively in Japan on June 28,
and the single will be released there and in Southeast Asia two weeks later on July 13.

From the press release:
"This is a years-long dream of X Japan's, to release a record in the
Americas and in Europe," said Yoshiki, X Japanıs
leader/producer/songwriter/drummer/pianist. "Music is very powerful, and we
believe it can help us bridge the gap between east and west. We hope that
"Jade" will be the first step."
Written and produced by Yoshiki and mixed by Andy Wallace, "Jade" was
recorded in both Japan and at Yoshikiıs Los Angeles studio, the same studio
where Metallica recorded its classic Black album before Yoshiki bought it
and turned it into a private facility.
The song features the thunderous drums and bass of Yoshiki and Heath,
respectively, the searing twin guitar work of Pata and Sugizo, and Toshiıs
dynamic vocals. With most lyrics sung in English, "Jade" is a hauntingly
romantic tale of embracing the beautiful sadness of death, and showcases X
Japanıs eclectic mix of rock, goth, and classical music.


April, 15th 2011

Great news... X Japan are finally coming to Europe: They are playing in London, Paris and Berlin. Ticketsales started today and it seems that they are good, since the shows were already moved to bigger venues.
They are also invited to play at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, which is an honour because it is a huge international rock festival.

"We are all so excited to finally come and play in Europe," said Yoshiki, X Japan's leader/drummer/pianist/songwriter. "This is something weıve wanted to do for many years, and we are ready to rock our European fans."

Yoshiki is doing a lot for the Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Japan, among other things he is auctioning off his signature crystal piano. More...

There is also the first new song from Luna Sea after 10 years, all money from the song will go to the victims: More...

Also Yoshiki was interviewed by MTV Iggy.

January, 28th 2011

X Japan signed up with EMI Music regarding their acitivities in North America. As first release on March, 15th "Jade" is planned, followed by the yet untitled album in summer 2011. The band also plans on doing a tour in 2011 to support their album.
You can find the complete press release here.

October, 6th 2010

There is a lot of positive press about the tour:
Here is a nice article about the San Francisco show.
JAME made an interview with Yoshiki and here is another one.

Tomorrow I will be on my way to the US for the New York concert ^_^

September, 25th 2010

The American website of X Japan has launched: xjapanmusic.com. There are some nice videos and interviews...

Here is a nice article by about X Japan and even mentions this page (which makes me really happy): The Campanil

Vampires Everywhere, a metal band from Hollywood will be the support band for the tour.

September, 19th 2010

Yoshiki made a litte video with a message about the US Tour: YouTube.

August, 16th 2010

X anounced the dates of their US Tour. The tour will start in L.A. on September, 25th and ends in New York on October, 10th. Tickets sales have already started. (see above for details and links).
Press Release

Their first show at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago has got some good response from the press. A user from the X-Freaks forum collected links to all articles.

Yoshiki started his own twitter channel.

Toshi has a new official webpage and a new blog (Japanese) and a new MySpace page.

At the Yokohama shows former member Taiji joined X as guest musician for the song X. Here are videos from the press conference:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

January, 8th 2010

Here are some images of the set that is being built above Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, CA for the video shooting.

January, 6th 2010

X Japan are shooting film for making new videos in Hollywood, California on January, 9th. You can be a part of this shooting. More information and registration on JRockNation.com.

I hope you all had a great start in 2010 and let's hope that it will be a great year for X Japan.

If you want to knit a hat like hide had: I wrote a knitting pattern that was inspired by this hat.

March, 9th 2009

According to AnimeNewsNetwork Sanrio is sponsoring X Japans World Tour. They designed a Visual Kei Hello Kitty. They also state that "X Japan continues its world tour in Seoul on March 21 and 22, and then plans to travel to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Germany, Finland, Thailand, Beijing, and Taiwan. It also plans to return to Tokyo for concerts on May 2 and 3." But beside the Tokyo Dome concerts and the shows in Korea there is NO official information.
But you can find the Hello Kitty doll on the posters for the tour on the official website.

December, 28th 2008

X Japan announced on their official myspace page that they will play for 300 000 fans in Japan in spring, 4 night at the Tokyo dome and 2 nights at another large venue.

December, 19th 2008

The concert in Bangkok, Thailand is postponed due to the political problems there. (www.xjapan.in.th/

Tickets for Korea are on sale now: www.xjapan.kr

The tickets for Hongkong are on sale here (international): HKticketing

The new year countdown will be broadcasted live on Fuji tv and on dmm.com. Also there will be a live transmission to TOHO movie theaters in Japan. Tickets for that go on sale december, 20th through Yoshiki mobile. (X-Freaks Forum

Theres a new design on http://www.xjapan.ne.jp/ and you can sign up for the offical street team (so far only in Japanese)

There are also 2 new concert dates announces: January, 18th Hongkong and Februrary 15th in Taiwan

November, 20th 2008

Yoshiki posted a new entry on myspace.

Here is a translation by Reila (thank you)

My apologies

I would like to apologize. I am really sorry.
I don't really know how I should explain my feelings towards the fans who has been looking forward to the X Japan concerts in Paris and Japan.
Even though I didn't make the decision, I take the whole responsibility.
This isn't something unimportant; no, I still take it with a heavy heart [not quite sure how to word this xD]
I really don't want to see this pain our loyal fans had to experience, you who have been supporting us all these years.
We are now working fast with new concerts, but the production company have many problems they have to solve before we can start a new tour.
It is important that we meet all the expectations for a good tour [not sure about this]. If we could be there, we would give you the best show[/spectacle 8D]
Sometimes I hate everything... I hate life... I hate myself too..
Hate me... Keep hating me.. But I will always love you.
Sometimes I wonder if I can open door with the name X Japan again, but at the same time I don't know how to lock it either.

With love,

November, 8th 2008

There is now an official statement in French and Japanese. Its talking about management issues, they got a new management. Also the live in Paris and the christmas lives in Japan are also postponed. The concerts in Asia take place, also the new year countdown. In spring the want to tour in Japan and after that come to Paris and some more dates in Scandinavia.

This is a translation of the statement:

Caution Concerning the management of X JAPAN and changes in world tour

X JAPAN Production Management Committee has worked with the strong intention of all members of X JAPAN, to begin world tour in Paris at any price.
However, to consolidate the success of this world tour, we made a partnership with the largest management companies in America, namely AZOFF MANAGEMENT (with Mr Irving Azoff as president) and Filament Inc., Led by the creator of the company Warner Brothers Records, Mr Phil Quartararo to coordinate everything with a comprehensive world view. We are also in late trade with the world's leading concert promoters, AEG, for details of this world tour.

After several exchanges between the parties involved to achieve the success of this world tour, it was decided that AZOFF MANAGEMENT play the role of leader with full powers of decision-making side, working for the global promotion of X JAPAN, INC. with FILAMENT.

AZOFF MANAGEMENT INC and FILAMENT. have agreed on the new strategy to push the entire schedule until next year, which includes the concert in Paris on November 22 and announced concerts on 24 and Dec. 25 at Saitama Super Arena. Therefore, the tour will begin for the concert countdown to the end of the year in 2008, although concerts in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan and Korea will take place as announced earlier.

The next spring, there will be a Japanese national tour which will be followed by a concert in Paris to replace the November concert as well as additional concerts in Scandinavia, including Sweden, etc.

For those who planned their visit to Paris and / or Saitama Super Arena, please accept our apologies for this flat sudden announcement, although the reasons behind these concerts repelled from the contractual situation involving international operation.

Please give us a little more time to finalize the new global strategic plans for X JAPAN. for X

translation by sayu: thank you!

November, 7th 2008

I just got an email from Avosbillets saying the the concert is canceled. There will be an official statement by the X Japan management this afternoon.

November, 1st 2008

Finally there is the official information for the Paris concert:
Saturday 22 november 2008
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy, Paris, France
The ticketsale will start on november, 10th at 10am (french time)
at www.avosbillets.com
Email: contact@avosbillets.com
Prices: arena (?) (40 euros + comission), seated (50 euros + comission)

Source: www.xjapan-france.com

It seems to be possible to preregister for tickets until November, 6th at avosbillets

October, 30th 2008

According to BxtE the ticket sale for Paris will start on November, 10th. There is no official statement yet.

October, 28th 2008

There is still no üpdate on the Paris concert... -_-
but there is now an official Chinese webpage

October, 8th 2008

They added a second date for Korea, the 22nd of March... ticket sales will start on November, 5th.

October, 5th 2008

Sorry for not updating but after returning to Germany I was very busy with work -_-
It seems that Suigizo is playing with X Japan in Paris, here you can find an interview with him. A quote from that interview:

?: You played at the X Japan reunion too, right? I know there were plans to do shows in Europe and in America, will you be involved in that?
Sugizo: Yes. First, at the end of November we’ll go to Paris, and then maybe at the end of this year we will play in Tokyo.

On the official site they say that the New Year Countdown will take place in the Asakasa BLITZ venue. This is a small livehouse which holds approcimatly 2000 people.

According to this X Japan will play on December, 24th and 25th at the Saitama Super Areana and the shows will feature an orchestra. This is not official confirmed at XJapan.ne.jp, but at the press conference on September, 15th Yoshiki said that they plan something for christmas.

The rock opera film "Repo" is opening in 4 cities in America (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Las Vegas) on November 7th. Yoshiki is co-producing the film and the music. He composes one extra song for the soundtrack.
He will also produce more jewelry with Kuwayama Corporation. (Source)

The album by Toshi with T-Earth, earth spirit, was sold out in the cd stores in Japan in two days... He writes about this in his blog and says that he "is sorry for the inconvenience". They will play in Brazil on October, 12th and in Chile on October, 11th.


September, 15th 2008

Today was the press conference held by Yoshiki. There are some eXciting news:

* He confirmed that the concert in Bercy, Paris will happen. It will be the first time a Japanese band plays in such a large venue.
* There will be a X Japan December 31st count down concert in Tokyo. The place is not yet decided. Also he mentioned that there will be concert at X-mas! It will be a concert of "X with ?". What the '?' will be is yet speculation though.
* Yoshiki also said that he composed a new (rock) song. He said that when they did I.V., the members of X Japan found out that Toshi still can go crazy singing those songs and they decided that it might be appropriate to release something more powerful. There was no release date mentioned.
* Yoshiki is the executive producer for the introduction of the "Rockstar" sports drink in Japan. Rockstar is the sponsor of the U.S. "Rockstar taste of chaos"
* The video game "Rock Band 2" will contain X Japan music. It is also sold in America and Europe.
* In 2010 Yoshiki will be involved in a project in honor of the 100th birthday of Akira Kurosawa. The moderator mentioned that it is unusual for a Japanese rockstar like Yoshiki doing something for a Japanese director like Kurosawa outside Japan. There was no more information given.

This information is from BXtE. You can find pictures of the event there and the will publish a translation of the press conference.


September, 10th 2008

The sale of the tickets for the Paris concert has been postponed until the begining of October. Hopefully you will then be able to buy tickets at http://www.ticketnet.fr

Also on September, 15th there will be a press conference held by Yoshiki. More information on XJapan.ne.jp and on JRockRevolution.

Yoshiki is well again and he is allowed to travel again. So he will visit Taiwan (September, 15th - 16th), Hong Kong (September, 17th), Bangkok (September, 18th) and Korea (September 19th). There are new webpages too:

Its not as interesting as Yoshikis travel plans, but I'm traveling to the US today, meeting with Chris (who helped getting me X Japan stuff ages ago and also with starting this page ^_^).


July, 12th 2008

There is now an official UK website of X Japan: www.xjapan.co.uk/

According to that site the tickets for Paris go on sale on September, 5th.

July, 10th 2008

X Japan playing in Paris on November 22nd!

Saturday, November 22nd
Palais Omnisports Paris Bercy, Paris, France

XJapan.ne.jp XJapan-France

Toshi with T-Earth has now a myspace page. You can listen to a song there.

July, 9th

The X Japan comitee anounced at Japan Expo that X Japan will play in Europe this year, but there were no details mentioned. (JaME)

In a French magazine was a advertisment anouncing X Japan playing in Bercy but without mentioning a date. You can find a scan of it here. (Thanks to Soren)


July, 6th

It seems that there will be another signing session with Ra:IN in Paris, on monday, 5pm at St. Michel.

July, 4th 2008

There is now the offical France webpage: http://www.xjapan-france.com/index.php

July, 2nd 2008

Pata's solo band Ra:IN performs in Paris at Japan Expo on July, 5th.

The first album of Toshi with T-Earth comes out on August 8th and on August 2nd they're performing at the Busan Rock Festival in Korea. The drummers will be Levin from La cryma? christi and Shinya from Luna Sea. More about Toshi with T-Earth on their website.

thanks to Jess

June, 17th 2008

The world tour is officially cancelled. You can find the information (in English) here.
Theres a short report about the press conference with Toshi, Heath and Pata on JRockRevolution.

You can find more information about Toshi new project Toshi with T-Earth on JRockRevolution.


June, 11th 2008

Toshi did not talk about the X Japan World tour. As a special guest Toshi brought Jun from Phantasmagoria and Toya from Charlotte. I think they met at the hide memorial and decided to make a project together. They will play a few concerts in the Zepp live houses in September and August.. It seems it is called Toshi with T-Earth.
thanks to Jess


June, 10th 2008

Toshi will make a radio apearance tomorrow (13:30 on June 11th, 2008, Tokyo time). You can listen to it through the internet and there might also be a chat... Please be polite and respectful in the chat. Toshi wrote about it in his Japanese blog. More info on Jess' LiveJournal
thanks to Jess

My post about the canceled tour based on a message on JRockRevolution saying basically what I wrote yesterday. JRR now changed the massage saying that we have to wait for an official anouncement. I just hope that this happens soon...


June, 9th 2008

X JAPAN tour postponed

The rumors are true. Jrock Revolution has received official confirmation from X JAPAN's management that the planned world tour has been halted due to YOSHIKI's health.

June, 6th 2008

Yoshikis visit to Korea are postphoned. (Only the promotional events, not the concerts)
ChosunOnline X Japan Korea


June, 5th 2008

It seems that there is an issue with the venue for Paris. A member of Yoshiki mobile wrote about it in her blog. According to her the Japan Expo venue is lacking in equipment so they have to change venues. So now they're searching for a new one.
This is probably the reason why there is no information about the ticket sale yet. But there is no official anouncment about changes or tickets so far.

Yoshiki will travel to Korea next week and there will be an anouncement on June, 8th.


June, 3rd 2008

After releasing their Taiwan page X Japan now publishes a Korean page.
There's the rumour that Yoshiki will travel to Korea next week to anounce a Korean show.
Source: The other East

Still no news about Paris... I just hope they have not forgotten about it -_-
On Yoshikis Jewelry page is an anouncement that there will be new Jewelry designed especially for the world tour and it will debut at the Paris show.... thanks to Jess for translating

People from outside Japan can now become members of Toshis Fanclub Toshi.net. So far the content is all in Japanese.
Jess explained how to register in her Journal:
Explanation of the different kinds of membership
Application form
Payment and login


May, 27th 2008

There is now the official taiwanese X Japan homepage http://www.xjapan.com.tw/.
But there is still no information about the Paris concert -_-

May, 14th

First I have to say thank you to all the people who send me their entry for the hide memorial contest... it's wonderful how many people wrote and also fascinating how hide inspired or influenced people from all over the world...

You can find all stories and pictures here.

Also for those of you who use iTunes, here is the direct link to Toshis single. He is very busy at the moment and traveling through Japan to promote it.

It seems the "leftover" merchandise from the Tokyo Dome shows are now for sale through Lawson. Unfortunately only in Japanese and in Japan. Here's the link.



May, 4th

Today X Japan anounced their first concert in South East Aisia: August, 2nd (Sat) Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan..
The place for the show in Paris was anounced: Villepinte Parc d'exposition (which is the place the Japan Expo is held at that weekend)
JRockRevolution xjapan.ne.jp

Theres an unofficial English translation of Toshis Blog at this page


May, 2nd

10 years ago hide died... lets light a candle for him and keep him in our hearts forever...

~* hide memorial contest *~

This year it is 10 years since hide passed away. In Japan there is a big memorial concert. I also want to do something special to show that hide is not forgotten and I want you all to be part of it.
So show the world how hide influenced and inspired you. You can send us everything, pictures, drawings, songs, essays about how you are influenced... anything you want and not only fanart. If you started to play in a band because of hide, send a foto of the band or write a story about it.
All entries are published on XJapan.de. There will be some small hide/x japan related giveaways ^_^. Since it will be impossible to judge the winners are drawn randomly.

You can send your entries to scars@xjapan.de
end date is Saturday, May 10th 2008.


Toshi made a new entry in his blog. ( English Japanese)

There seems to be the release of a speciail DVD box: X VISUAL SHOCK DVD BOX 1989-1992 [Limited Release]
Catalog No.: MHBL-90
Number of discs (or other units): 9
Release Date: 2008/07/23
Price: 23809yen (25000yen Tax incl.) [US$ 225.27]
Commemorative DVD box set from X Japan features their complete live performances released during the band's time on the Sony label appearing for the first time ever in box set format. Booklet also includes images of flyers and invitation cards from the time of X Japan's debut.
Quelle: CDJapan



April, 29th

There seems to be an tv special on fujitv:
2008/5/18 22:00~23:30
2008/5/02 23:00~23:30
2008/5/18 23:30~24:00
homepage: FujiTV

April, 26th

You can now buy the CD version of Toshis new single Earth in the Dark - Leaving for the Blue Sky through CDBaby (18US$)
Also there are several other download sides where you can find Toshis song for download in the next days. You find the list of the stores on the right of this text.

Also keep checking Toshis page http://www.toshi-official.com/. A English version will be launched in May.

There is still no more information about the X Japan concert in Paris. But you can find an transcipt of the press conference on JaME.

There are also 2 live albums by hide released:


Release: 2008-03-09
(UPCH-1597 - Price: 3,800 Yen)


Release: 2008-04-23
(UPCH-1594~5 - Price: 3,300 Yen)


April, 9th 2008

I just want to say thank you to you all... This site now exits for nearly 9 years. I know sometimes I didn't update it and also there are still some gaps but it's great that there are so many visitors. On March, 31st after the 3 concerts there were 3000 unique visitors to this site...on normal days they are around 2000... from all over the world... this shows how much fans X Japan have from everywhere... and it also shows me that every cent and every minute I put in this site is worth the effort... So thank you to you all...

Also thank you for all your mail... I'm really happy about it and try to answer, but sometimes there is just not enough time -_-

April, 8th 2008

There's a very moving post by Sugizo about playing at the Tokyo Domes show on his mySpace page.

You can also buy and download Toshis new Song Earth in the Dark on CD Baby.

April, 7th 2008

There are news about the hide memorial summit.
On the offical site are several posts about it, unfortunatly only in Japanese.
I thinks its about when to get tickets and more. The event will take place on May, 3rd and 4th. More info here: http://accesstour.bless-inc.com/ajinomoto/
The following bands will take part:
hide with Spread Beaver
Maximum the Hormone
hurdy gurdy
Dir en grey
the Underneath
Tickets for one day are 14800 Yen and for 2days are 25 000 Yen.

April, 6th 2008

There is another press conference scheduled on XJapan.ne.jp for 7th of April.

April, 5th 2008

It's really is an exciting time now, so many news and interviews and bits of information and rumours going on after such a long time... but its great..
The most exciting thing (after the Tokyo dome shows) are surely the anouncement of the shows in Paris (5th of July) and in New York (Madison Square Grade, 13th of September). There is no information about tickets or any other details yet.

2 days ago there was a press conference shown live at myspace. You can now watch a short video of it here.

Toshi posted 2 long entries at his myspace page about his healing music, his new single and about playing Tokyo dome. You can find them at his MySpace page.

At April, 9th Patas band Ra:IN releases their new Album Metal Box.

Toshi has already released his new single Earth in the dark.

Pata and Heath gave an interview for JRockRevolution. Pata also has an MySpace page.

On JRockRevolution there's an interview with Taiji and Shu about their band Cloud Nine. They also talk about X.

Here is something in Japanese about the shows on Yahoo.

Probably most of you know that already but there are now so many official and other interesting pages with informations so I thought I just try to list everything here.


April, 3nd 2008

Today was a press conference. It was shown through live streaming on the new official myspace page.

They are perfoming in Paris on July 5th and they are playing in New York on September, 13th!!!!!!!!

March, 31th 2008

I just came back from Japan... it was great... more about it the next days... but Yoshiki announced at the second show:...

They are playing in Paris on July 5th!!!

Toshi postet a new entry in his mySpace page about his new song and the shows.

March, 20th 2008

Well there seem to be some romours around about who plays guitar at the tokyo dome shows... First there was an entry at Res Borlands myspace page about playing 2 of the 3 shows. He is a longtime friend of Yoshiki. It seems he had said too much because he removed that remark in the meantime.

On this Guns'n'Roses fan site is anounced that Richard Fortus of Guns'n'Roses will play at all three shows.

So a lot of talking but no official anouncement yet...


Also the chances of X Japan playing in the US this year are good. Chris send me a mail today:

ALSO, it has pretty much been CONFIRMED that X JAPAN will be playimng in the US!! @_@ 
The "Taste of Chaos Tour" (that has MUCC, Despairs Ray, & the US hardcore bands etc.on it) sent around postcards last week, to advertise that tour, & on the postcard it reads X JAPAN US TOUR with no details yet, just that it's COMING!!  @_@  The head of Otakon confirmed that X is in fact looking to do at least 2 shows in the US around August or September. (sounds like 1 might possibly be Otakon now doesn't it?  Since it's in August...)

I will be leaving for Japan on Monday and the weekend I'm busy with organising a Juggling Convention so there are probably no more updates until I come back from Japan.


March, 19th 2008

The ex-Limp Bizkit guitarist announced on his MySpace Page that he is playing with X Japan at the concerts on March 28th and 29th.

March, 10th 2008

Probably everybody knows already but the 3 shows are sold out shortly after the sale in Japan started. But... there was nothing else to expect ^_-

It also seems that there will be remastered Versions of "BLUE BLOOD" and Jealousy". The cds are only sold between March, 19th and May, 31st.

Source: JaME / Tower Records Japan

February 21st, 2008

You can now buy ticekts for all three shows... tickets for the 29th and 30th are on sale at Einsofmarketing, tickets for the 28th are on sale at http://jrockrevolution.myshopify.com/ and http://xjapan2008.myshopify.com/. It seems that the tickets for the 30th are only available until February 22nd.

Yoshiki made a new post on his Myspace page, talking about the shows and about international fans ^_-


Februrary 17th, 2008

Sale for the tickets for the show on March, 29th starts on Monday, February 18th 2008 and ends thursday, February 21st 2008.


February 15th, 2008

Einsof Marketing Group is going to be holding exclusive international ticket sales for the March 29th Tokyo Dome show, starting this weekend.
Tickets will be going on sale from tix.com and more information is available at einsofmarketing.com.



February 12th, 2008

Because of the high demand of tickets there will be another show at Tokyo dome on March, 29th. (JMusicEuropa)

February 12th, 2008

Theres a ticket lottery for international fans. Check out JRockRevolution

February 11th, 2008

Some fans started a project to collect messages and letters for Yoshiki asking im to come to Europe, showing him and his management how many fans there are in Europe.... please take few minutes to visit www.myspace.com/bxjteu and take part in the project...


January 28th, 2008

Well probably everyone has heard it until now, but X Japan are reunited and the are playing 2 shows at the Tokyo dome on 28th and 30th of March. You can find more information here.

Yoshiki wrote on his myspace page that the want to do a worldtour. Myspace also made a special X Japan page. There you can find an interview with Yoshiki.

On JRockRevolution you can find the preview of the pv.

The Saw IV DVD comes with the "I.V." video as a bonus feature right on the USA DVD release...

June, 23th 2007

You can ask Yoshiki a question. He is going to be at Japan Expo in France and he will answer questions for JMusicEuropa.
You can find everything here.


June, 10th 2007

Exiting news, it seems there will be a X Japan reunion.... Toshi and Yoshiki recorded "Without you", a song Yoshiki wrote for hide. Heath and Pata will also join and the think of doing a tour end of the year or next year. (See here)

Yoshiki has started also a project called SKIN. Gackt, Miyavi, Sugizo and Yoshiki are part of it.
On JMusicEurope is a short interview with Yoshiki, talking about JRock Revolution and SKIN.


2007, May 2nd

Today it's 9 years since hide died. Please think of him today and light a candle for him.... through his music he will live forever in our hearts and in our memories.....

March, 10th 2007

Well, you have probably already heard the exciting news about a possible X Japan reunion. Well Yoshiki talks about it in his blog. He has talked to Toshi, but it seems that so far it is only an idea which they think about...

August, 4th 2006

Well, this is the first update since a long time and I'm really sorry for that...
Probably most of you have already seen Yoshikis blog on myspace.com: myspace.com/yoshiki and myspace.com/violetuk.
Even bigger news (but already old news ^_- is that Yoshiki will be at Otakon this weekend. Chris will be there and I hope he has a lot to tell.

Also there is a small update on the site, you'll now find the lyrics of the unnamed song of Eternal melody II in the lyrics section, 2 pictures of Pata playing in Paris in 2005, new shops and some new fanart...

~ Katrin


May, 2nd 2006

Today it's been 8 years since hides death. Let's all think of him today and light a candle for his soul... he will live forever in our memories...

this is inside a small record store near the Yokosuka Chuo station. I bought some cds there and the owner asked me to take a picture of his display.


May, 2nd 2005

Today is the day hide died... let's keep him in our memories and our hearts...

April, 19th 2005

There are very sad news. On the official hide website is a message that the hide museum will close at September, 25th 2005.
Someone posted a translation in the forum, you find it here.
There is also a online petition to save the Museum, you can sign it here.
Let's hope that there's a way to keep the Museum alive.
~ Katrin ~

March, 20th 2005

Yoshiki was in Japan promoting his DVD at the Expo Event. You can find a short notice and a video here.

For those of you attending the Ra:IN concert in Paris, here are some news from the promoter.

February, 26th 2005

Pata and his band RA:IN will perform live at the Elysee Montmartre in Paris (France) the 5th of May 2005.

More info on the official event website:
Official Ra:In website: www.rain-web.com
Tickets are available on the official event website, or on the Ticketnet ticket network from worlwide http://www.ticketnet.fr/shop/en/accueil.asp.

Here you can download the information flyer as pdf file. You'll need an Acrobat Reader to view the file, you can download it for free here..


Januray, 20th 2005

I hope everybody had a new start into 2005"
It seems to become a good year... there's a official release date for Eternal Meldoy II and for Yoshiki Symphonic Conert 2002. You can find the official add here.

Here is a small article about it.


Yoshiki Symphonic Concert 2002 With Tokyo City Phillharmonic Orchestra ~ Yoshiki / Violet Uk
Yen: 4,515
Date: 2005-03-30
No: COBA4385

1 Say Anything
2 Amethyst
3 Last Song
4 7th
5 Forever Love
6 Longing
7 Amethyst with Vocal and Piano
8 Seize the light
9 I'll be your love
10 Screaming blue
11 Blind Dance
12 Anniversary
13 Endless Rain
14 Tears

Eternal Melody 2 ~ Yoshiki
Yen: 3,500
Date: 2005-03-23
2 CD
No: COCP33130
CD 1:
1 Unnamed Song
2 Seize The Light
3 Without You
4 Longing
5 I'll Be Your Love
6 ?
7 Red Christmas
8 ?
9 Forever Love
CD 2:
1 Anniversary


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