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to my private little corner on XJapan.de!
This page contains mainly pictures from holiday trips and other events, but also some stuff on other topics that interest me.

I just started to make this page new, so there's still a lot missing... I hope to fill the empty spots soon....



* the juggling section
* pictures from Japan 2005
* pictures from Norway 2004


A few years ago I decided to take photography more seriously. Before that I rather took holiday snapshots without much thinking.
In 2003 I took a dark room class and I found it very fascinating do develop and print my own black & white pictures.
You find the pictures in the Gallery, I hope you enjoy them.


Since April 2005 I have rabbits. First there were 2 of them (Paul and Paula). Then the big Emi moved in. Unfortunatly Paula was ill and died in Dec 2005. In January 2006 Hopsi and Bonnie moved in. Bonnie died in Nov 2006 because of a tumor in his lungs.


In this section you'll find some concert pictures of my favorite bands. The pictures are more about the band than making photographs, so this is a seperate section.


2002 a friend of mine got into Lego again and he infected me. I'm not a collector, but I'm fascinated by the things you can do with Lego Mindstorms and by Lego Sculptures.
So far I haven't made any exciting creations on my own, so you only find some pictures of the big minifigure sculpture and a cute "little" Lego dragon.

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