Interviews and Transcripts

I try to find translated articles, but it's difficult. If you have translations into English or German and want to share them, I will publish it here or if it is on a website, I will link it. Just send a mail!

  NHKFM Music Square Dec'95

translated by M.H.

  August 1996 FM Fuji - 8th Anniversary Special

translated by M.H.

  NHKFM Music Square (17.10.96)  
  Interview with Yoshiki on "Tower Countdown" - Close Up (October, 21st 1996)  
  X Japan's appearance on NHK's POP JAM (October 25th, 1996)  
  X Japan on Music Station SUPER LIVE (December, 27th 1996)  
  X Japan on HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP (Januar, 13th 1997)

translated by M.H.

Transcript of Toshis radio show, where he explains why he left X Japan (September 1997)

translated by M.H.

Summary of an interview with Toshi in summer 1998

translated by M.H.

  Interview with Yoshiki from CD of X Japan - Perfect Best

translated by neph:thyz

  Article from the German Anime magazin Animania (May 1998)  
  A perfect Exclusive Interview with Yoshiki  
  Transcript from the special (2000)

transcript by xiaohei, li shell and XScars


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